A Weekend of Silk, Stitching, and Surprises

This past weekend was filled with creativity, learning, and a few unexpected events at our studio. We had the pleasure of hosting Amanda Clayton, who led an insightful workshop on the translucency of silk fabrics and fibres. Working with a limited palette of natural colours and focusing on hand stitching, Amanda guided us through the delicate art of silk manipulation. It was a fantastic weekend, rich with learning and inspiration.

The studio itself saw some exciting changes as well. Our driveway has been completed, and it looks fabulous! No more dodging potholes to get to our creative haven.

Saturday brought some personal news as John finally had his knee operation and is now on the road to recovery. In the evening, a little adventure unfolded as a dog appeared at our door. Initially thought to be a stray, we soon discovered he had escaped from his home for a brief adventure. Thankfully, he was safely returned to his relieved owners.

Sunday night was marked by an unexpected and rather rude awakening when a fire engine shone its bright lights into my bedroom at midnight. Our fire alarm had gone off without any apparent reason. The fire brigade's quick response was impressive, and we learned that our security system monitoring hub automatically calls the fire brigade if a fire alarm goes off during sleeping hours before contacting us. It's reassuring to know they prioritize safety in such situations.

We are also excited to announce a new addition to our Useful Resources page on our website: a great Hand Sewing Needle Guide from John James Needles. This guide is designed to help you with your hand stitching, providing detailed information to enhance your sewing experience.

Looking ahead, we're thrilled to announce that the studio will be hosting the Eau Brink Artists Exhibition starting Saturday, June 15th, for one week. If you have taught or learned here, you are welcome to showcase your work in the exhibition. It doesn’t need to be for sale; just drop it off anytime before Thursday, June 13th.

Additionally, there are still some spots available for Mary McIntosh’s workshop at the end of the month. If you’re thinking of attending, be sure to book soon to secure your place.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this weekend, and we look forward to seeing more of your incredible creations at the upcoming exhibition.

Happy stitching!

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