Join Our Exciting Postcard Challenge: Stitching Stories in Fabric

Introduction: Welcome, fellow textile enthusiasts! Today marks the launch of a creative journey that will bring out your inner artist and connect our vibrant community in a special way. We are thrilled to introduce our Postcard Challenge, a unique opportunity for you to craft beautiful fabric postcards and join us in a heart warming exhibition at the 2025 West Norfolk Textile Fair.

The Challenge Unveiled: Our Postcard Challenge revolves around the simple yet profound idea of connecting through creativity. We invite you to visit our shows, fairs, shop, and studio to collect your very own Postcard Making Kit. Inside each kit, you'll find the building blocks of your textile masterpiece: scraps of fabric, a sturdy base fabric, a printed postcard backing, a hand-dyed thread, and a helpful suggestion leaflet to spark your creative process.

Unleash Your Imagination: The beauty of this challenge lies in its boundless possibilities. You can let your creativity soar by stitching, gluing, painting, quilting, knitting, crocheting, tatting, lacing – essentially, anything that is textile-based is fair game! There are no boundaries to what you can create on your postcard canvas. It's a blank slate for your artistic expression.

Showcasing Your Artistry: Once your postcards are complete, we encourage you to send them back to us in an envelope. As they arrive, we'll proudly display them on our social media pages to showcase your incredible work. Your artistry will not only shine at our 2025 West Norfolk Textile Fair exhibition but will also inspire others to join in the creative journey.

Getting Involved: Participating in the Postcard Challenge is as easy as can be. Just visit one of our locations – a show, a fair, our shop, or our studio – and ask for your Postcard Making Kit. We'll be delighted to provide you with the materials and encouragement you need to get started on your fabric postcard adventure. If you need a little inspiration just go to our YouTube channel and watch the video for free.

Conclusion: Our Postcard Challenge is more than just a creative endeavour; it's a celebration of community and the power of art to connect us. Together, we'll stitch stories, create memories, and weave a tapestry of textile artistry that will be cherished for years to come. Join us in this exciting journey, and let your creativity shine. Get ready to make history, one postcard at a time.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Visit us today and be a part of this extraordinary experience!


  • Anita O'Neill

    To join in the challenge you need to collect a kit from Eau Brink Studio, or at a fair. The next fair is the Creative Craft Show at the NEC in March, Or there is the West Norfolk Textile fair in King’s Lynn in April. The kits are free you just need to visit to grab one.

  • Vanessa Boman

    Hi, I am pretty new to fabric art, but I would love to do the postcard challenge with you please.

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