Weekend Workshop Highlights at Eau Brink Studio

This past weekend, Eau Brink Studio was buzzing with creativity as we hosted a fantastic two-day workshop featuring the talented Jenny O'Leary and Alison Hulme. Participants were treated to an immersive experience, exploring innovative techniques to enhance their textile art.

Saturday with Jenny O'Leary: Batik Layers with Paper and Fabric
On Saturday, Jenny O'Leary led us through the intricate process of Batik, demonstrating how to create stunning layers using both paper and fabric. This technique, which involves applying wax and dyes in a resist process, allowed everyone to craft unique and beautiful art pieces. The room was filled with excitement as participants experimented with colors and textures, discovering the endless possibilities that Batik offers.

Sunday with Alison Hulme: Printing with Thermofax Screens
Sunday was equally inspiring, with Alison Hulme taking the helm to teach us how to print on our Batik creations using Thermofax screens and acrylic paint. This method added a new dimension to our works, bringing vibrant and intricate designs to life. The results were nothing short of spectacular, with everyone producing colorful and eye-catching pieces.

A Touch of Stitch
While not all attendees were stitch enthusiasts, the beauty of these techniques is their versatility. I will be adding stitch to my Batik and printed pieces, further enhancing their depth and texture. The combination of Batik, Thermofax printing, and stitch opens up a world of creative possibilities that I can't wait to explore further.

Upcoming Workshop: Screen Printing with Alison Hulme
For those who missed out or simply can't get enough, we're excited to announce that Alison Hulme will be returning in September for another two-day workshop. This time, we'll delve deeper into screen printing using Thermofax screens, offering another opportunity to expand your textile art skills.

Stay tuned for more details and be sure to reserve your spot early. We look forward to seeing you there and continuing this creative journey together!

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