Fabric Baubles with Lizzy Curtis

For the upcoming workshop, I'll be providing kits filled with a diverse selection of fabric pieces, both vintage and contemporary. Additionally, I'll supply stabilizer and stuffing materials, along with the ribbons needed to hang the baubles. All participants need to do is show up with their creative spirit.

If anyone feels particularly inspired by their own fabric collection, they are welcome to bring it along, although it won't require much—just enough fabric scraps to cover an area of approximately 14" x 12".

Originally, these baubles were crafted entirely by hand, but during the workshop, we'll explore the decorative stitches available on sewing machines. We can work with whatever stitches your machines offer, even transforming basic zig-zag into something more exciting. If participants wish to incorporate embroidery, techniques like French knots and running stitches can be used. I'll have a variety of embroidery threads for them to choose from.

Each participant will have ample finished fabric to create two baubles, though completing the second one may depend on their confidence and pace. It's a delightful way to spend an hour or two exploring your creative side!

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  • Jane Belfield

    I am trying to book tickets for the baubles and the bird workshop but it defaults to sun which I can’t do. Are they fully booked for Saturday

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